The project "Migrant Women in Bavaria - Competent on the Labour Market" was a sub-project of the support programme "Integration through Qualification" from 2015 - 2018 and was financed through this programme.

Vocational integration succeeds above all when labour market players network and pull together. MigraNet  - das IQ Landesnetzwerk Bayern is part of the support programme  "Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)"and works closely with the relevant players in Bavaria to ensure that vocational integration of people with a migration background is successful.

Despite legal equality, women are still often disadvantaged, especially in working life: they are less likely than men to be in employment subject to social security contributions, they are mainly given responsibility for reconciling family and working life, and they are still seriously under-represented in management positions despite very good training. Women from a migrant background are often doubly disadvantaged, for example through the lack of recognition of their qualifications acquired abroad and/or experience of discrimination in the application process. The employment rate of migrant women, for example, is significantly lower than that of women without a migration background. Moreover, women with a migration background are more likely to be in marginal employment than women without a migration background.

The project team and the members of our association are familiar with the situation, the challenges and problems that affect a woman and migrant. We have a diverse pool of languages at our disposal and can interpret if necessary. At the same time, this makes it easier to address the target group.

Together with the participants it was important for us to build up a network of migrant women, where the participants could exchange experiences and receive support.