The aim of the project "Migrant Women in Bavaria - Competent on the Labour Market" was to strengthen women with a migration background for the labour market by means of local and supra-regional demand-oriented counselling, qualification and networking offers on specialist and labour market topics. This was intended to improve the labour market opportunities and the professional integration of women with a migration background. The offers were adapted to the identified needs of the target groups taking into account the respective living conditions.

Module 1: Needs assessment

  • Encouragement to self-reflect on one's own competences
  • Recording of own resources, potentials and strengths 
  • Joint reflections on future lifestyles
  • Motivation to participate in education and training
  • Development of a career perspective

 Module 2: Recognition laws in Germany

  • Information event on the laws on the recognition of professional qualifications

 Module 3: Application process and working culture in Germany

  • Theoretical foundations - country-specific differences in the application process
  • Analysis of own and external experiences from practice, especially communication irritations in an intercultural context
  • Develop and test possible courses of action

 Module 4: Strengthening and expanding general competences related to the labour market

  • Training goal-oriented work and time management
  • Training the ability to work in a team and to deal with conflict
  • Communication training
  • Self-confident and self-assured appearance
  • Rhetoric and presentation techniques

Module 5: Applications with regard to the labour market

  • Information on the labour market in the region and labour law
  • Application and presentation training
  • Application portfolio check

 Cross-module support in the search for:

  • an internship
  • an appropriate training measure
  • a job opportunity

The participants could join the free seminar series at any time. Regular participation in the seminars and meetings was required.
Project flyer (PDF)

The series of seminars took place in Bayreuth, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Lauf a. d. Pegnitz, Nuremberg, Schweinfurt and Würzburg (in some cases several times).