Our participants talk about themselves and our project:
"At the beginning I had great difficulty with the language, just speaking out. Now it's easier for me to speak. The seminar with the writing training was very good and also the information about recognition. Now I know that my qualification is a 'non-regulated profession' and I don't have to have it recognised. Nevertheless, only a comparison is made. The application training, which consists of two parts, was also very important for me. There are no cover letters in Costa Rica. You simply send your resume. Everything has to be perfect here. Oh dear, that was difficult and I couldn't have done it without the project. I am so glad that this project exists. Just to get out and see other people. It's a great pity that it's coming to an end for me. I'm starting training as a chemical laboratory technician in Würzburg in September. It will last 3 ½ years. I'm so happy, I've always wanted to do that".
(Mrs. Melissa M., 26 years old, married, from Costa Rica, has a Master's degree in geography from her home country and worked as a technician for one year. Since 2013 in Hassfurt)
"I graduated from high school in Hungary and then trained as a beautician. I moved to Kuwait with my family. After training as an English teacher I worked there for a few years in kindergarten and school. Since September 2014 my husband, my two children and I are now in Germany. For professional reasons. My husband works as a sports teacher at an international school. So far I have learned a lot of German. What I found interesting about the seminars were topics like 'Writing Official Mails' or 'How can I become self-employed'. From September I would like to start working at a school, e.g. as an assistant, if necessary also in the kitchen. I didn't get my degrees recognised because I know that in Germany, you can only get a teaching degree via the university. But I do have certificates".
(Mrs Silvi P., 46 years old, from Hungary, married, two daughters)