Appointment of the Migrant of the Year Bavaria 2018 (October 2018)

After sending in proposals and a pre-selection of the association's members, the jury chose a migrant of the year Bavaria 2018:

A very warm congratulations to Prof. Dr. med. Yurdagül Zopf from Erlangen!

The nutrition and sports physician, who works at the University Hospital Erlangen / Bereichleitung Ernährungsmedizin, grew up in Nuremberg-Gostenhof and is in our opinion a role model for current and future generations of women with a history of migration.
She is a committed and valued personality and has built up a remarkable scientific career through her own efforts.


Pre-selection of candidates (September 2018)

Now the member women have the opportunity to make a pre-selection from the applications and proposals received on the basis of the established criteria.

Following the pre-selection of three candidates, a jury will nominate a winner. The jury will be composed of the women members of the association's board and three recognised women of public life: Ms Rüger (chairwoman of the Bavarian Women's Council), Mitra Sharifi (chairwoman of AGABY) and Ms Batous (filmmaker).

The honouring of the Migrant of the Year Bavaria 2018 will take place during the symposium  und der Jahreshauptmitgliederversammlungon Saturday, 27.10.2018 in Munich.


Proposals (August 2018)

Many thanks to all those who submitted proposals for our call for entries for the Migrant of the Year Bavaria 2018!

The deadline for applications to propose oneself or another woman ended on 31.07.2018. More than 70 emails and letters were received, some women were also proposed several times. We are very happy about the numerous participation and the positive feedback on our call for applications.

Tender specification (May 2018)

Why Migrant of the Year Bavaria 2018?
With the nomination for the Migrant of the Year Bavaria 2018 we want to honour the lifetime achievements of migrant women, to carry their importance as committed and successful bridge-builders into the middle of society and to counteract stereotypical representations of migrant women in public.
Their positive role model function should encourage all women to stand up for their interests and demand the fair participation of women with a history of migration in our society.

You are:
A woman with format and vision. Inspiring and successful in what you do - take other women with you, inspire, motivate with your role model and set new standards.
You see yourself as a woman with a migration history or background.

Who can participate?
Every woman who has her food and activity focus in Bavaria.
You are politically, socially or voluntarily involved or would like to do so in the future or have already done so
:- Through your own efforts, you have contributed professionally and developed yourself- You have built up a professional career in Germany
(e.g. university, administration, free economy, etc.
)- You are committed to migrant women in both the private and public sector

You would like to:Recommend
a migrant who meets these criteria?
A woman who supports other migrants with her experience, encourages them and serves as a role model? We are waiting for your suggestions!

In a first round, the three most successful candidates from all submissions will be selected by our association members.
The final nomination and award ceremony will take place on 27.10.2018 during our annual conference/general assembly of the Migrant Women's Network Bavaria in Munich.
The selection will be made by a jury consisting of the women of the association's board and other recognised women of public life.

We ask the candidates to send us their personal, meaningful application or suggestion of a candidate by 31.07.2018.

We eagerly await your suggestions and look forward to receiving many impressive applications and recommendations!
You can also find this announcement as a flyer.

contact details:
Contact person for questions:
Charlotte Johnson
(vice-chairwoman Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern)
Tel: 0157 88100794Mail

Please send letters or applications to
Migrantinnen- Netzwerk Bayern e.V.
c/o Marienheim, IN VIA Nürnberg e.V.