Local group Ingolstadt

On the initiative of Marianna Kenyeres, the Ingolstadt contact woman, about 60 women with a history of migration took part in the first coordination meeting of the Ingolstadt working group of the Migrant Women's Network of Bavaria in the Baroque Hall of the Ingolstadt City Museum on 8 May 2014. In addition to some city councillors, the Ingolstadt equal opportunities commissioner Gerti Achtner and the employee of the integration commissioner of the city of Ingolstadt, Ingrid Gumplinger, were also present and supported the event significantly.

Marissa Pablo-Dürr, chairwoman of the Migrant Women's Network Bavaria, introduced the network and reported on her experiences as a migrant in Germany. Afterwards, the women exchanged views on various topics and discussed ideas for a local working group of the Migrantinnen-Netzwerk Bayern. Finally, the Ingolstadt group was officially founded with the signing of the Gründunk poster by all interested parties. The first meeting of the group will take place on Thursday, 26 June 2014, from 17.30 hrs in the Alte Post community centre in Ingolstdat. Women who want to get involved are always welcome. Information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to  marianna.kenyeres[at]web.de, at the gleichstellungsstelle[at]ingolstadt.de or by calling 0841-305-1166.

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