In the "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" support programme, there were around 380 sub-projects nationwide that support people with a migration background in integrating themselves into the German labour market (status 2017).

13 sub-projects submitted their application as "IQ Good Practice" in 2017, 7 of which were selected in October 2017.

Among them is our project "Migrant Women in Bavaria - Competent on the Labour Market" due to its instrument of competence assessment!

To be an example of good practice, the criteria of transferability, innovation, sustainability and efficiency, among others, must be met. Good-practice examples are regarded as perceptible lighthouses in project work, in which a need for action is recognised and in which practical solutions are found.
Our project has been published as IQ Good Practice since May 2018. 
Further information on this and previous examples of good practice can be found here.